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NYC – East Village Update

 This blog contains some newer information about the East Village. Also, It contains some material from previous blogs.


The East Village changed plenty over the last few decades but one thing remains consistent: its creative scene and artsy vibe.

Today, despite continuing development, remnants of its grungy, literary, counter-culture past remain and can be seen in graffiti and street-art-covered facades, quirky and charming, independently owned shops like Trash and Vaudeville, cultural hotspots like Nuyorican Poets Café and tenement buildings. They all lend themselves to the area’s walkability and allure.

While the East Village is saturated with popular bars and restaurants, other stand-out qualities are its quaint community gardens that provide mini pockets of escape from the buzzing thoroughfares like East Houston Street, Second Avenue and Avenue A.

The neighborhood is divided into smaller subsections.

St Marks Pl, New York, NY

St. Mark’s Place


St. Mark’s Place, which runs from Third Avenue to Avenue A down E. Eighth Street, is a buzzing corridor of restaurants, tattoo parlors and small bazaars often frequented by eclectic shoppers and tourists.

Alphabet City, composed of Avenues A, B, C and D, is now a long way from its once-notorious image as a sketchy, unsafe place. Avenue C is co-named Loisaida Avenue, a term coined by Alphabet City’s Puerto Rican or Nuyorican population.

Historically the East Village was considered an extension of the Lower East Side and served as a hub for working class migrants. During the 1950s and ’60s and into the ’80s musicians, artists and writers flocked to the area because of its affordability.


Ukrainian East Village Restaurant

This well-loved eatery serves up authentic Ukrainian comfort food like pierogi and halusky or for vegetarians, the Vegetable Schnitzel, in an old-fashioned setting.

Veniero’s Italian Bakery

Established in 1894, this famed, historic dessert spot is a must-visit in East Village. The café exudes an old-world style and ambiance, and treats like cannoli, biscotti and chocolate mousse cake await those with an insatiable sweet tooth.

Casa Adela

Authentic Puerto Rican cuisine like mofongo, chuletas fritas and sancocho are served in this casual and laid back family-run spot that is popular among locals.

To Drink


McSorley’s Old Ale House

One of New York City’s oldest haunts, McSorley’s was established in 1854 and calls itself NYC’s oldest Irish tavern. Grab a bite and sip on their light or dark beer while getting a history lesson from its walls of old newspaper clippings and pictures. Sawdust on the floor and communal tables add to its historic feel.

Please Don’t Tell

The only way to get into this secret bar is through a vintage phone booth in Crif Dog. There’s actually much to dish about on this cozy and classy speakeasy, which offers hot dogs alongside cocktails. 212

Interesting  – dare you!

Russian & Turkish Baths

Since 1892 New Yorkers have been relaxing in this well-known spot’s redwood and Russian saunas and aromatherapy room. Treatments include the Dead Sea salt scrub, black mud treatment and the platza oak leaf in which the specialist beats you with oak leaves drenched in olive oil soap.

Obscura Antiques & Oddities

The well-known quirky and sometimes eerie antique shop, featured on the Discovery Channel show “Oddities,” offers plenty by way of the creepy and unusual. Go for the reputation, leave with a skull, marbles of insects or another mysterious object of sorts

Thanks to AMNY.com for the material.

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