NYC – Farmhouse in West Village?

Bucolic Dreamhouse In Greenwich Village Will Probably Be Torn Down For Condos

That quaint little farmhouse on Charles Street in Greenwich Village doesn’t have its roots in the neighborhood, it was moved there from the Upper East Side in 1967… and now it may be evicted. The home is currently on the market and being  listed as a development site.

“The property consists of a 4,868 square foot lot creating a large blank canvas for a developer or user to execute a wide variety of potential visions, from boutique condominiums, apartments or a one-of-a-kind townhouse.”

This will not end well. Gotham Article

A Farmhouse in  the West Village?

First Published in January 2013

Hidden behind an ivy-covered wall at the corner of Charles Street and Washington Street in Greenwich Village is one of the most unexpected structures in the city.  A tiny clapboard farmhouse, it has a side yard, a miniature driveway, and hardly a right angle to be found. This crooked little house looks as though it had been sitting there watching the Village grow up around it for 200 years.  In fact, it’s a relatively recent resident of this venerable neighborhood.
Originally built at York and 71st Street the little house became surrounded by tenement buildings until it was no longer visible from the streets. In 1966 the owners faced a problem.  While they owned the house they called Cobble Court, they didn’t own the land.  The Roman Catholic Archdiocese did…and it wanted to build a home for the aged on the site.  The quirky little house was slated for bulldozing, along with the surrounding tenements.
So the owners purchased the 3600 square foot lot on Charles Street and in the pouring rain on March 5, 1967, the entire house (including the cobble stones from the courtyard) was packed up on a flatbed and moved to the Village.
NOTE: Latest listing of this property
Located at 121 Charles Street, New York NY. 121 Charles St has approximately 958 square feet. The property has a lot size of 4,868 sqft and was built in 1899. The average list price for similar homes for sale is $3,360,376 and the average sales price for similar recently sold homes is $3,007,672. 121 Charles St is in the West Village neighborhood in New York, NY. The average list price for West Village is $4,028,724.
Through the winter, I will continue to be posting articles from my archives or from other sources.

5 comments on “NYC – Farmhouse in West Village?

  1. What a treasure ! Love clapboard houses .


  2. Fantastic post. What a lovely little gem. Wish I could buy it & save it…lol!


  3. Interesting post, Thom! So they also moved the cobblestones? I love that detail. Sweet garden. I also want to save the little house in the Village. Maybe someone will rescue it. Keep us posted! ~Theadora


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