nyc – Chinatown – People

Chinatown – People

(second of a three part Blog)

chinatown_4_14 (7)                  chinatown_4_14 (5)         Spent some time in Chinatown and Little Italy. It was a sunny day and a weekend. It still amazes me th at the charm of this area still makes me feel great! The following will give you a sense of what I was looking at and enjoying on this marvelous day.

Playing games is a popular activity in the local parks

Watching all kinds of activities

Cigars ?  This store is in the heart of Little Italy

chinatown_4_14 (15)   CIGARS_no label                        First Part: Fans

2 comments on “nyc – Chinatown – People

  1. Wonderful, wonderful shots, Thom! I used to love visiting Pearl Paint Art Shop. It recently closed, didn’t it? Sad day. Enjoy the weekend, ~Theadora


    • I didn’t believe, at first, Pearl closed. I had been in there a short while ago and it was alive and well. I think that the rents in NYC are getting way out of hand… many stores are unable to pay the steep rents and therefore have to close. It may come about that I will leave the city as well…. who knows??? Keep safe and happy


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