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NYC – Sotheby’s – Almost like a free Museum

Many of you come into NYC and visit our numerous museums. Did you know that our leading auction Houses exhibit fantastic art work throughout the year.  I happened to walk by Sotheby’s on 72nd and York Avenue and noticed a coming auction on contemporary art. Here are a few examples of the pieces of art in this show:


Popeye – Jeff Koons


Final Four



Hot Dog -Roy Lichtenstein


Dog – Keith Haring


Untitled -andy warhol/Jan michel basquiat


Panda Geant – T. Murakami


No Title (while he lives) -Raymond Pettibon



Traveller -Duane Hanson




I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of Sotheby’s… fine art can be viewed with little or no money. Don’t you agree?


There are many Auction Houses in NYC. The three major ones are Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Doyle’s

Note: Sotheby’s is quite a bit to the east in Manhattan (est 72nd Street and York Avenue) … best to call ahead or check out their website  first. Christie has a location at Rock Center and Doyle is on East 87th street at Lexington Ave.

Note 2: Sotheby’s has a public bathroom and a nice outdoors coffee shop (10th floor).

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