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NYC – behind the Jewish, Cooper-Hewitt and Guggenheim Museums

The area behind the Jewish, Cooper-Hewitt and Guggenheim Museums is a path less traveled.

I imagine that many tourists visit  upper east side museums and looking in their guidebooks cannot find anything else of interest to see in this upper east side area. So they stay either stay on 5th Avenue or come across from Central Park.

Food, bathrooms and shopping don’t seem to beckon anyone to linger either.Yet, walk east to Madison Avenue – what a surprise! Here you will find beautiful clothing stores, coffee  shops and restaurants.  I call this area “Behind the Museums”. In fact, I would extend the location  even further both north and south.


Also, wandering west and east through the East 90s allows a sampling of several different genres of architecture, some delightfully surprising, others mindnumbingly oppressive. Be sure to check out the wooden frame houses on east 92nd street.

  • The Richard Hibberd House (right) at 160 E. 92nd St., built 1852-53 and once home to Eartha Kitt.
  • The well-known 92nd Street Y is in the neighborhood. President Obama lived at 339 E. 94th St. in the 1980s.
  • Two restaurants – Fetch and the Barking Dog, attract those who like to dine outdoors with their furry friends.
  • The subway at 96th St. (6) on the Lexington line affords easy access.
  • The Marx Brothers, including Adolph “Harpo” Marx,grew up at 179 East 93rd Street, off 3rd avenue.

house 120 92nd

Two of several mansions still exist in this area. The JJ Sloan Mansion –48-50 East 92nd Street (Smart looking entrance door)



And, the J Burden House — 7 East 91st Street (now a girls school)


800px-Burden-7e91   Make sure you use the bathrooms, in the Museums, before wandering in the area.


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