NYC – You are never alone… just look around you

Thinking about this week’s blog was about all I could do – think! It has been cold outside and it has cut down my daily walks to brisk speed marathons. During this time it seemed like there were fewer people out and about – not lonely but more quiet than usual.

It was then that I noticed a fancy door with great design element and a prominent relief of an elephant.


For the next few blocks, I noticed that there were several sets of eyes that were watching me  as I walked down the street.

west 56th_march 8 (6)


west 56th_march 8 (3)

west 56th_march 8 (5)

I guess I am not always alone!  How many eyes are watching you ?

3 comments on “NYC – You are never alone… just look around you

  1. Don’t look up for God’s sake, the NSA will take a retinal scan and an x-ray of your credit cards! Tin foil hats all round! 😀


  2. I love this walking tour, Thom! The elephant is fantastical. Did you spot any cats? I also the bottom shot. Fierce! More, please! T.


  3. I, too, enjoy just walking the city and taking in all of the gargoyles & architecture. Especially love the art deco influences. Stay strong, it WILL get warm!


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