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NYC – Horse Carriages

By chance, I happened to walk by a stable that houses horses that are used for carriage rides in Central Park. Recently, there is much discussion about this industry.

  I was allowed inside and share with you a few pictures. I publish this article only to show you what I saw inside the stable.

I share with you a brief summary of an article written by  NY1’s Josh Robin:

Horse-drawn carriages in Central Park have clipped and clopped since its opening almost 160 years ago. Now, the horses may be rounding their final turn.

“We very much believe it’s time to end the use of horse carriages in this city,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said on February 20.

Backing them is an animal-rights group whose humble offices belie its political clout. It helped de Blasio get elected last year, if only by knocking out former rival Christine Quinn. Now, its members intend to hold de Blasio to his word on a ban.

Those who spend the most time with the horses say that they thrive on work and routine. Fares also bankroll their care.

Opponents say that the animals will only find real peace at rural farms. Of course, whether the equines prefer that or street work, well, no human can say for sure.

horse stables_west 52 (1)

West 52nd Street

horse stables_west 52 (2)

First floor – Carriage storage

horse stables_west 52 (4)

Staging area – food and washing

horse stables_west 52 (3)

A remaining carriage

horse stables_west 52 (5)

Second floor

horse stables_west 52 (6)

First floor stalls

horse stables_west 52 (7)

Stalls seemed to be clean and had hay and fresh water

horse stables_west 52 (8)

Sorry, he moved a bit

horse stables_west 52 (9)

They house 78 horses on multiple floors. I was told they use only about 28 horses per day ?

horse stables_west 52 (10)

Ramp where horses are brought up to diffeent levels

horse stables_west 52 (11)

Harness et all

One comment on “NYC – Horse Carriages

  1. What a great glimpse into a side of the industry most of us will never see! Fantastic!


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