NYC – Madison ave near Grand Central Station

Midtown East

Midtown Manhattan is the busiest single commercial district in the United States and ranks among the most intensely used pieces of real estate in the world.

sunday_23_2014_jpeg (62)_mad at 46th

This blog covers only a small part of Midtown East. It is just a few blocks north of Grand Central.  I imagine it as a walk that you could take if waiting  for a train at Grand Central. Since I do not know fashion … I will leave it to the photographs to tell the story.

Grand Central Terminal

sunday_23_2014_jpeg (142)+grandcentral

(one click of Photos for slide show)


Men – Apparel

Women apparel


Along – The Way

Just Looking

I can rest my feet here …oops, Can’t afford it!

sunday_23_2014_jpeg (24)_3rd ave

Tourist Sites in the Area

The majority of New York City’s skyscrapers, including its tallest hotels and apartment towers, lie within Midtown.

Stores – immediate area

Shoe mania

Easy spirit

Nine west

Johnson and murphy

J crew

Charles Tyrwhitt

Jos bank

2 comments on “NYC – Madison ave near Grand Central Station

  1. I feel like a had a lovely virtual walk through Midtown East this morning, without enduring the cold! Thanks 🙂 Super photos too!


  2. Is Midtown Manhattan somehow special? I’d really love to visit NYC again but I’m not sure where to stay, are places close to each other? I was 10 when I last visited and my memories are blurry, but I’m now so excited, I’ve already liked a few hotels on http://new-york.hotelscheap.org/midtown-manhattan.html


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