NYC – Grand Central -Sochi – Trains

NYC –Olympics – Grand Central Terminal –Trains

A few days ago, on my walk,  I had the chance to find my “younger self” by going to the Grand Central Terminal. The terminal in itself is a wondrous place to visit and is full of hidden treasures. On this day, two added attractions were available to visit – The U.S Olympic Committee’s Road to Sochi Tour and a model train display at the Transit Museum.

While I rarely share my own image in my Blogs I make an exception for this one. I had never met a gold medal Olympian. Also, I was able to play in several simulated Olympic events – what fun!

I will let the following photographs speak to the events of the day…


Skate : 5  gold medal signatures. Tenley Albright (1956), Carol Heiss (1960), Peggy Flemming (1968), Kristy Yamaguchi (1992), Tara Lapinski (1998), Sara Hughes ( 2002)Medal:

(Upper right)Vonetta  Flowers, 2002 Olympic Gold Medalist, 1st Person of African Descent to Win a Gold Medal in the Winter Olympics

Grand Central

Train Museum

All in all it felt nice to feel like I was a kid again…. happy walking!

2 comments on “NYC – Grand Central -Sochi – Trains

  1. Very cool experience! And I love the model trains. I had no idea there even WAS a train museum! Learn something new every day 🙂


  2. How did I miss this wonderful post, Thom? I love Grand Central Station. It was once part of my daily commute. I miss it dearly. So much history. Your photographs are beautiful. I’m very jealous. Interesting exhibitions! Plus, you got to meet Vonetta Flowers. Talk about a perfect day! T.


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