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NYC – Titanic revisted

NY Times Announces Sinking of  the Titanic

titanic 1

The Titanic  sank on April, 15 1912, Those that survived made their way back to New York city on the Cunard Line’s Carpathia,  berthing at pier 54 .pier 54

Many of the survivors were housed in the Seamen’s Friend Society Institute. (This later became the Jane Street Hotel)FriendThe Friend’s Institute was located on Jane Street just a short distance from the Pier . On its roof it had a lighthouse that flashed a beacon over the Hudson River.

Note: I am told that inside of the building has small rooms that are designed to look like ship’s cabins. At some later date, I will try to get inside.
113 Jane Street 1912                                                      113 Jane Street 2008
This small reminder of the history of the building is by the front entrance. The building still has a nautical look but in the above picture many symbols are covered up with scaffolding.Founded in 1828, The Seamen’s Friend Society was a Christian organization offering room and board to sailors in an attempt to get them away from New York’s “dives, dancehalls, saloons” and other establishments of ill repute.
The original 156 rooms at the Seamen’s Friend Society were designed to mimic a ship’s cabin rooms in both size and design, a tradition that The Jane Hotel has continued today.
far away is the South Street Seaport. Here you will find New York’s primary Titanic Memorial.  At the entrance of the Seaport you probably will pass it without knowing that it is a memorial. I thought it was just part of the decoration surrounding the Seaport.titanic1The lighthouse was on top of the Seamen’s Church Institute of New York & New Jersey at 25 South Street,  Above the lighthouse was a  ball, which lowered every day at exact noon to mark the time for navigatorsThere are many other places that are related to the Titanic.  Scoutingny has a  very good Blog about the titanic.
My first Blog about the Titanic .
Mr and Mrs Straus

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