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A Blog you will really like -The Caffeinated Day Tripper


I have come across a blog that I found enjoyable to read. It is very clever, funny and informative… I am pleased to share the following excerpt with you…

About The Caffeinated Day Tripper

The Caffeinated Day Tripper is a blog for the great adventurers among us; the Lewis and Clark’s (and Clark W. Griswolds) of our highways, byways & dirt country roads. These courageous souls desire nothing more than a full tank of gas, a steaming cup of coffee (to go), a camera, a sturdy pair of hiking boots and a passion to share those magical mini-treks with the world. Herman Melville expressed this timeless lust for wandering in Moby Dick:

“I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas…”

Forbidden seas. (Sigh…) How sexy is that?

Worry not! Being adventurous doesn’t mean trading in your morals for miles, or your car for a boat, but it may mean turning off the GPS, once in a while, and getting good and lost. Yep, lost. Remember the days before GPS and cell phones, when you took a wrong turn and had to depend on yourself, the kindness of strangers and, dare I say, A MAP?!? The best places pop up when one is good and lost.

At its core, day-tripping is about embracing life, nature, family, friends and that ever-present cup of coffee, to the fullest. Nothing soothes the injured soul of dedicated, yet underpaid workers (no doubt, being oppressed by “the man”) like daydreaming of the places s/he will visit, come the weekend; or, the Holy Grail of day trippers: The LONG weekend. Say it out loud with me: Loooong weekend. Let it roll around on your tongue. Enjoy that tender morsel of freedom, folks.

God that was good, right?

 You can read the full article at 

The caffeinated Day Tripper

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