NYC – 5th Avenue – Pre Thanksgiving Walk

The pictures , in this blog, were taken on November 19, 2013. It was the day before the “major stores” were to present their windows. It is my custom to see the Rockefeller Tree as they are preparing it for the holidays. I am no longer amazed that Thanksgiving has vanished before it is even celebrated. A future blog will highlight the completed Christmas decorations and lighting of the tree.

The photographs begin with 58 th Street and proceed down 5th Avenue to Rockefeller Center. I have not identified the exact locations so  you can create your own adventure. However, I have highlighted some store descriptions  to get you visually oriented.

  • Directly across from The Plaza, Bergdorf Goodman  offers luxury shopping items, and a decadent experience for anyone who wants to touch, see, feel, and splurge for the finer things in life.
  • The Peninsula Hotel a wonderful Hotel.  I include it as it has a great bathroom. Just go in front door up the steps to the rear. If asked, just say you would like to use the bathroom – they are very nice!
  • What can you say about Cartier the Store –  simply Stunning!

Map of 5th Avenue

I found one window with a hint about Thanksgiving  – Am I pushing it?

pe_5th ave_2013 (64)

Yes, they are turkeys…

And, lastly a hanksgiving cartoon (Heart of the City). And, wishing you a happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving comic

comic 2

3 comments on “NYC – 5th Avenue – Pre Thanksgiving Walk

  1. Your photos are great and the comic was true. I used to run the processing dept. in Macy’s here and seeing the decorations before November wasn’t too bad – BUT – the Christmas trees and Holiday Lane in our store went up the end of August and beginning of September! NOW, THAT”S pushing it!


  2. Thanks for the note. Every year it seems that Christmas “sales” has become the norm for celebrating this holiday.
    Have a happy Thanksgiving


  3. Hi Thom! What a treat! I’ve been waiting for your New York City holiday vitrine report. So festive. What beauties! I especially love the gorgeous garb in the first two photographs. And the stunning blue dress in the Bergdorf Goodman (I think) window. More please!! T.


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