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nyc – Upper East Side – Unmarked Historic District

At the northwest corner of Lexington Avenue and 89th Street is a stretch of landmarked homes. It’s comprised of just seven Renaissance Revival–style houses completed in 1889.


There are no signs but it is called the Hardenbergh-Rhinelander Historic District. I imagine that the surrounding neighborhood had many of these types of buildings. ornate residences.

These 6 houses are what is left after extensive development in this area. An Upper east Side website states: “Clad in red brick, brownstone and red terra cotta, the six houses form a picturesque yet symmetrical composition featuring a variety of window entrance enframements.”

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I found out that the Rhinelander family has owned them for sixty years. You may know of the family as it is very prominent in owning Broadway Theaters.

You may have noted that I was one building shy in an earlier paragraph. . In addition to this set of 6 buildings along Lexington Avenue, the district includes one narrow townhouse at 121 E. 89th Street.

Henry Hardenbergh, who designed the homes, “also designed the Dakota, the original Waldorf-Astoria on 34th Street.” It is written that Andy Warhol also lived in one of these buildings.

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