NYC – Upper East Side near Central Park #5 The North Woods


The North part of Central Park —   The North Woods  is a great walk

If you would like to visit a little bit of the Adirondacks while in NYC, then plan on spending at least a morning or afternoon walking through the North Woods. I have walked in this section many times but I haven’t climbed the great hill. I am told it has a large lawn for sun bathing.

north woods 11_04_12 (31)_blog

You can start this walk from two directions.

  • First is to go to The Meer and walk around the pool (skating rink). Going down some steps, thinking you are at the employee parking lot, keep going, you will soon see a stone arch where when entering you will be transformed into an Adirondack hiker. You are now in The Ravine.


  • The second approach is from the west side of the park (110th Street)  starting at the Pond.  The Pond is a small lake that is surrounded by green lawns with a waterfall at one end and a loch at the other end. This part of the park doesn’t see many tourists and the north woods is like being miles away from Manhattan. It is loaded with dirt trails ideal for exploring.  A nice trip is to go to the end of the pond and  follow the stream into the Ravine.
  • ravine_blog_3_2013

You will really not believe you are in a major city! Look up and down the stream as it flows through the arches and bridges, It truly is an Adirondack marvel. This a great place to eat that snack or drink some of your bottled water – specially sitting near a waterfall on a craggy rock.


The first time a Central Park visitor looks out over the Wildflower Meadow toward the valley called the Ravine that spreads out before them they feel as if they have been transported to the shoulder of a country road into an unimagined fantasy. Descending the grassy slope in what appears to be an unknown expanse of wilderness they are amazed to find a fabulously emerging reality. There is a stream bisecting it called The Loch and a dense forest through which it meanders called the North Woods. Filled with many species of birds, their calls mingle with the distant sound of rushing water. Lost in the wonderment of this new discovery the visitor wanders north along a main path, contained on the meadow side with a low log fence, to discover one source of this music of nature. It is a rocky cascade that sheds a stream of water over a rocky fall. Ahead is the Huddlestone Arch, which leads back into the sobering and soul shattering concrete backyard of the Lasker Pool, a relatively recent addition, which effectively destroyed the continuance of the North Woods.

Author: thom bradley

I am an educator who has worked in Woodstock NY, Rhinebeck NY, Salisbury CT and who has lived in Rhinebeck, Wilmington NC and New York City. I have been interested in photography since the '60s. I enjoy walking as a hobby and have taken quite a few pictures during these strolls. I share some of these adventures on or In addition, I share photographs from my collection on or

4 thoughts on “NYC – Upper East Side near Central Park #5 The North Woods”

  1. Lots of good info – I appreciate that. Something must have happened to that first image of yours…it is really blurry. The rest are great and worth the look.


    1. Thanks for the info. I really appreciate the feedback. I replaced the photo but not sure it is any better. Looks very sharp in PS but seems less on Blog page ??? Will continue to investigate. my best thom


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