NYC – Park Avenue Shops 64th to 54th

_MG_8617_park Ave painting

I am not much into fashion but as I walked past several stores I couldn’t help but notice the attractive ways these merchants displayed their products.

The first store is called “Steiger”. I noticed that many leading ladies at the Tribeca Film Festival were wearing Walter Steiger… must be fashionable and expensive!

I took some time to look in the windows of the shops next door…Stefano Ricci and E. Braun & Co. Here is a sample of what they were displaying.

Here is a little footnote:emma-roberts-tribeca-film-festival__tag

3 comments on “NYC – Park Avenue Shops 64th to 54th

  1. Goodness. Gracious! How did I miss your Park Avenue window-shopping post? Gorgeous shots, Thom! I’ve got my eye on the orange and black pair of Steiger shoes. I also dig the wedges in cream with laces! Thanks for the treat. Pretty vitrines! T.


  2. This looks like it would be one of my favourite places to visit in NYC! I’ve never been but I know I would love walking past the Park Avenue windows and maybe trying on a few pairs of shoes inside 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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