NYC – The Checker Cab-soon to be only a memory


History vanishes with the new NYC taxi cabs

The yellow NYC cab has been around a long time. Some of us remember the classic taxi – Checker Cab. Now, visitors to NYC can only find them as souvenirs. The Checker Cabs  from the late twenties were large handsome cars, and as in the old coach-built tradition, often had a rear roof section that could be lowered in nice weather, as much as to be seen as to see. As always, Checkers were designed specifically for the job, both in their layout and rugged construction.

Over the years, Checker stopped making cars and most NYC cabs were crown Victoria fords. Today, there are several different models of cars serving as cabs.

This year. I  noticed a slight change to the outside of the taxi. I wonder if anyone else noticed the difference.

Looking at the picture can you tell what is changed or missing?


We now look at the previous version of the NYC taxi cab


Look carefully. anything yet?

Answer: Now they are “Metered Cabs” – the fare structure is no longer on the outside door… the rates are posted inside the cab. Also, On August 2012:  Specifications for the new pared-down design call for eliminating the trailing stream of checkerboard shapes that were intended as a reference to the celebrated Checker cab of yesteryear.

“Call me an old-timer, but I liked the historical reference to Checker.”

 Many of us remember the Checker Cab – now the only piece of history, of the Checker cab, will be found in a souvenir shop.

Shame, a piece of history will soon be forgotten!

Author: thom bradley

I am an educator who has worked in Woodstock NY, Rhinebeck NY, Salisbury CT and who has lived in Rhinebeck, Wilmington NC and New York City. I have been interested in photography since the '60s. I enjoy walking as a hobby and have taken quite a few pictures during these strolls. I share some of these adventures on or I

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