Christmas in Manhattan’s (Yorkville) Landgraf Flower Shop

A Yorkville Flower Shop

Every year visitors to NYC make sure they see the major sites around Rockefeller Center and 5th Avenue. This year’s Christmas  Card (blog) will  focus on a small Flower Shop located in Yorkville on Manhattan’s Upper Eastside.

_MG_7957-Three_eric frost_sharper_with santa_7by5_boarder_thin_blog_fb

Something wonderful happens each year
when poinsettias start to appear.

Suddenly strangers are quicker to smile,
neighbors more neighborly, at least for awhile.

_MG_8152_doll hug_blog_edited-2

We hear bells in the jingle of charitable quest,
and want to help others who are not as blessed.

_MG_8148_santa_blog_edited-4_MG_8158_santa snowman_blog_edited-6

Shoppers cross off lists in line at the mall,
sensing seasonal spirit that permeates all. With hope and happiness we are instilled, fresh feelings of charity and goodwill.

Christmas flowers, presents, songs, and bells,
favorite people and luscious smells.
Tell a tale of Christmas cheer,
a yuletide memory you hold dear.


In December when Christmas day draws near
We’re reminded it’s the very best time of year!

5 comments on “Christmas in Manhattan’s (Yorkville) Landgraf Flower Shop

  1. What a lovely store! Too bad we are in Phoenix—I would love to see it in person.


  2. What a nice post ! I hope the Christmas feeling lingers on 🙂


  3. … and now here we are at the end of 2012 …. Happy New Year ThomB 🙂


  4. Love the Eric Landgraf Florist Storefront photo. I simply LOVE this shop. You can count on this little gem to always capture the magic of Christmas each year!! Mr. Landgraf’s floral mastery will always make a special occasion an extremely memorable one!! He is truly an artist who can transform a room into a floral wonderland. He is one of NY’s best of the best!!


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