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NYC–14th Street and Union Sq.

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14th Street is a busy shopping street, especially during the weekends and holidays. It stretches from the East River to the Hudson River.The original Macy’s Department Store was located just west of 5th Avenue. During the 1820’s this area was called “Fashion Row”as there were many wholesale and dry-goods stores.

Today the street has a store or eatery for almost every taste known to mankind. The eastern end has the famous Alphabet City and the western end the High Line and plunk-in-the middle is Union Square.

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Art shows, Sidewalk presentations, Protestors, Occupy Wall street, Green Markets, Holiday bazars, name only a few of the highlights of any given day. Lately, people are enjoying the area between ninth Avenue and the Hudson River. The High Line is of high interest and the square around 9th Avenue has many eating establishments with outside seating.

The following are some pictures  taken along 14th Street and Union Square.

2012_10_06_14th st (32)

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Extra Thoughts

(The following are my own observations and given freely hoping that you enjoy your walk)

FOOD – There are numerous places along the street for food such as street vendors, pizza parlors, coffee shops and a wide variety of ethnic cuisines. The areas closest to the High Line have very popular and trendy restaurants. Many have high prices as well!

Just off 8th Avenue (on Greenwich Ave) is a very small English restaurant called Tea & Sympathy. http://www.teaandsympathynewyork.com/restaurant.php. Expect to wait for a table.

Closer to Union Square are two eating places that are quite nice. Both are located on Irving Place. Pete’s Tavern is an old famous watering hole with great burgers and delicious beer.   http://www.petestavern.com/ Feel like eating in a rustic farm-like atmosphere then cross the street to the Friend of a Farmer. Sit upstairs, by the window, and watch the people on the street. http://friendofafarmerny.com/


BATHROOMS – These may be few and far between.

Here are a few I know of:




Barnes & Noble

NYU buildings (look for flags)

New School (5th Ave 14th)

Apple Store (9th)

Union Square (I suggest you do not go in alone)



Police Stations are always a good bet. Hotels often have a restroom off the lobby – walk boldly as if you knew where you were going.

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