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NYC – Saturday Afternoon -Free

The first weekend in October has started off real well. Saturday, spent the after noon at the 8th Annual Art in Odd Places Festival held this year on 14th Street. This organization places varied art works within non-traditional public spaces.

2012_10_06_14th st (72)

“Let Them Ear Lobster”, was an art performance peace which featured an empress dressed in full royal gown, enjoying a freshly cooked lobster as she walks through Union Square. The artist is Virginia Dan.

                                                                                                                                 2012_10_06_14th st (35)                                                   

2012_10_06_14th st (36)

I Paint You and You Paint Me”, placed an artist at one easel and “you” at another. Each had thirty-minutes to make portraits of each other. “You” get to keep the portrait the artist created.

“Reciprocal Ladder”. A large circular latter was rolled along the sidewalk the length and back of 14th street.

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There were many activities during the day and evening. In fact, the event last all weekend. This is another example of a NYC Free Event. It made for a wonderful afternoon out in sunny New York City.

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