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Spotsylvania Virginia

This litle town is a ew miles west of major inter-state 95. I continue to visit in hopes of finding something unique to photograph. this area is steeped with history and behind trees and in out-of-the-way places there exists original buildings of the civil war period to be rediscovered. 

 Spotsylvania Virginia

Spotsylvania’s roots extend back to 1721, when the colony of Virginia created a vast new county that stretched past the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The county was named for Alexander Spotswood, lieutenant governor of the colony from 1710 to 1720.   Spotsylvania’s many historic places include the following sites: 
  • a skirmish near the Rappahannock River between American Indians and a group led by Capt. John Smith;
  • the first commercially successful ironworks in North America;
  • a slave revolt attempted in the 1810s;
  • and one of the nation’s most productive pre-1849 gold mines. 
 The county is probably best-known for the battles fought on its soil during the Civil War.  Because of Spotsylvania’s strategic location between the Confederate and Union armies, several major battles were fought in the county, A bloody two-week battle raged at Spotsylvania Court House, during the Civil War between Union troops under the command of Gen. U. S. Grant and Confederate troops under Gen. R. E. Lee, during their march to Richmond. This is the 150th year of remembering the Civil War.


A compass rose at Bloody Angle on the Spotsylvania Court House Battlefield points to other key Civil War locations in Virginia. There are several of these in this area of Virginia. This year, we commemorate 150 Years Since The American Civil War


Note: I experimented with using Power Point to create some of the above. Not sure it saves time or effort. I am still trying to find an easier way to put phoographs into the blog.

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