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NYC – Art Deco on 42nd Street

The Regal E Walk 13 Theater, 42nd Street


This Blog started out to show some pictures of buildings in and around West  42ndStreet.

 However, I went to a movie at the above theater and was fascinated by its interior, replete with retro-Art Deco style touches, murals, and enough neon to illuminate 50 pizza parlors.

Note: The above photos were taken with my Iphone4.

Some related History

 The Regal is a symbol of the ‘new’ Times Square (built roughly on the same site of a definitive symbol of the old Times Square – the former 24-hour porn grindhouse, the Harem Theatre) But in-between now and then it was called Loews 42nd Street E-Walk. In 2006 it was sold to the Regal Entertainment Group and opened its doors on November 12, 1999.

  Many younger people may not know that 42nd Street was once known for its burlesque and sex shows. Somewhere around the middle seventies,a movement was started to clean up 42nd street and Times Square, many of the burlesque shows were closed and new buildings started to be erected. Today, Times Square and the streets surrounding it have become more family friendly. (However, There are still a few “peep” shows in the area).

Photos -below – from Google



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