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The Metropolitan Museum – Revisited


I guess every major city in the world has at least one premier  museum In NYC, we have several great museums but the “Met” stands out as having the most extensive collection on view. In addition, it is visited by millions each year.  The “Met” is located on what is often called The Museum Mile –  a stretch of 5thavenue that houses several smaller museums. I encourage you to try to visit some of these gems.

Most people will recognize the steps… I would imagine that thousands of school-groups have eaten their lunch here. In this area there are several street vendors where you can find food as well as of the city for sale.The museum is BIG!

Note: This museum is subsidized by NYC, Therefore there is only a suggested admission price. Often, I  give them 50% of the posted price(Even less if I am just visiting one exhibit). Here is what I say, “ I would like to donate $___ for __ tickets” They don’t raise an eyebrow, they just ring it up and get to the next customer.

Also, there is a bargain museum store underneath the Egyptian display – ask one of the guards for its location.The selection is not great but sometimes you can find a take-home gift that helps with your budget.


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