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NYc Central Park – The Pond, Zoo and Carousel – Revisted

A beautiful place very near the shopping areas of 5th Avenue


Many people like to take a relaxing  walk along the Pond.


         While others may prefer to picnic.

Walking north you pass the Woolman Rink (ice skating the winter and carnival in the summer) – make a decision to visit the carousel or the Zoo. Your choice!

The famed Carousel, with its sweet calliope music and 57 magnificent horses, is the fourth to stand in Central Park since 1871.A live mule or a horse, hidden beneath the Carousel platform, powered the original amusement ride from 1873 until 1924. The animals were taught to start and stop when the operator tapped his foot on the floor. Today, almost 250,000 riders visit each year. On warm days, it’s not uncommon for the line to snake around the popcorn and balloon vendors.During summer months, the Carousel is open seven days a week, weather  permitting Slide Show below

                                        Note: Look carefully here, as you will find many things to see and photograph

      Near this location there are a few buildings of interest.. I leave them for you to discover.

The Central Park Zoo contains two of the Zoo’s most popular guests – polar bears Ida  and Gus. Harbor Seals are nearby as are the Penguins The .Rain Forest houses a brilliant collection of tropical birds, frogs, lizards snakes and toads and a few squirmy things. The Temperate Territory includes the California Sea Lion tank at the center of the exhibit and stretches around the rear of the Zoo.

Note: for people who are not going to visit the zoo there are bathrooms on the lower floor of the Arsenal Building. (Also, a little snack bar). Also, they have some very good free exhibitions in this building – look for signs. Photographers can get nice photos of hte seals being fed ftrom heu pstairs windows. The Zoo restaurant can be entered without going into the zoo. It is pretty much a fast-food place.

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