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Check out your local park

Peter Pan

Today I was walking through the neighborhood and noticing that many people have left for the beach or for Central park and even Prospect Park in Brooklyn. It had me wondering if many people visit their local parks – maybe one without name recognition. In NYC there are more than 1700 parks and playgrounds  spread throughout the boroughs. Many of these are staffed by volunteers who help make “their” park special.

Hidden Artist


If you follow my blog you know that my favorite park is Carl Shurz. A small vibrant park along the east river that has beautiful flowers , lawns, benches, restrooms, dog runs, basketball, and kiddie play areas – all for free and without traveling. And, sometimes in some nook or cranny a plein air artist.

Also, it has a promenade that follows the east river and overlooks  Roosevelt Island and the borough of Queens. The river is always busy with a wide variety of boats.

East River – Roosevelt Island Light house – Queens

A visit to a park at this time of year allows you to enjoy an abundance of flowers and real green grass. Also, the weather, for the most part, is ideal for taking a walk or reading a book away room the living room.

Sometimes a vist to your local park can bring a smile or a chuckle.

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