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NYC – Extra Stuff

NYC –  A NYC side street

Sometimes, when walking through the city, I stumble upon many interesting buildings or events. Yesterday ,I was going to walk to the park and photograph flowers – that are now popping up in abundance. Unfortunately, the wind started to pick up, making it almost impossible to get good tight-in focus shots.                                                                                                                                                                          

Heading back, I got thinking about a web site where he author tried to create as many pictures as he could in fifteen minutes. Also, I just finished reading about “Extra-Stuff” that fill in our in our lives. Here I was on a non-descriptive block with very little of interest within view, can I find some pictures that represent “extra stuff” on city block.

 So I thought I would challenge myself to take ten pictures of items that might seem to fit the category on this one-city block. (retired people have time for these things).

 Challenge: Take at least  ten pictures, that show extra things that are within this city block. Of course, “extra” is subject to individual meaning so I guess you can say that the following might  be considered “extra”.

Here are my subjective results.


I know I printed twelve but maybe when I discard a not=so=good=one, I’ll have ten. Also, the walk took me about ten-minutes.

One comment on “NYC – Extra Stuff

  1. I love this idea, and just your title made me think, “I should do that in our (relatively) little downtown area.” Just pick a block and see what I see.


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