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NYC – Randall’s Island


Randall’s Island – Where the heck is that?

Many people have no idea as what a great sports facility exists in New York City. Also, the “Island” hosts many events such as Cirque Du Soliel, Charity events, as well as major tracks and tennis events. Randall’s Island is located between the Harlem and East Rivers, the island’s more than 500 acres are composed of baseball diamonds and soccer fields, as well as a state psychiatric hospital and a homeless shelter. (click on picture for slide view)

People also come to the island to picnic and are family gatherings. It is a little difficult to get to but there are pedestrian bridges from both Manhattan as well as the Bronx and  bus runs from each borough though not as often as you might like. . The route by car is to go via the Triborough Bridge. (Toll)

.There is a lot of history associated with the Island The island once used as a potter’s field as well as an insane asylum. It now has a Psychiatric Center, a fire academy, a golf driving range and approximately 100 sports fields.

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