Central Park North – Where once there was a glass pavilion -Conservatory Garden


 South of the  Meer  you will find the Conservatory Gardens. This a very formal garden area. In warm weather it is a cool spot as it has many trellises  arbors and trees. Again, this is a peaceful place to linger. (Bathrooms are here as well). There are a few m,museums across 5th avenue and a bus stop where just about every bus can bring you back down 5th avenue. At this writing. bus is $2,25 coins only/ or Metro card. (Click on picture to enlarge)







 The Conservatory Garden of Central Park replaced a glass conservatory at the same location.
It is a formal 6-acre garden sectioned out into three traditional styles: Italian, French and English.

  • You enter the Garden from Fifth Avenue and pass through the Vanderbilt Gate, which once bordered the entrance of the Vanderbilt mansion at Fifth Avenue and 58th Street.
  • ·The Garden is composed of three distinct parts, skillfully restored since the 1980s, and is accessible through the Vanderbilt Gate at Fifth Avenue and 105th Street,
  • The central section of the Conservatory Garden is a symmetrical lawn outlined in clipped yew, with a single central fountain jet at the rear.
  • To the left on the south side, is the garden of mixed herbaceous borders in wide concentric bands around The Secret Garden water lily pool,
  • To the right of the central formal plat is a garden also in concentric circles, round a Fountain, that highlights the  bronze figures, Three Dancing Maidens by Walter Schott (1861-1938).

Is there a glass pavilion in your area of the world?

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