A Southern Plantation – a newer version

A Southern plantation

Traveling along a back road in Virginia, I came across this house. I am always amazed in the way people express themselves. This house is in the area of a Civil War Battlefield and I wonder what influenced them to create this. The answer may never be known as I was intimidated to enter the property by the “Keep Out -No Trespassing” and “Beware of Dog” signs.

I was able to get only a few pictures as the road was very narrow and very difficult to park the car safely.

Wooden Fences

Columns, Cannon, American Flag

Boundry Fence

5 comments on “A Southern Plantation – a newer version

  1. I was scrolling through the Photography topic on WordPress, looking for a particular post, when my eye was caught by your picture. I thought, “Hey – I know that place!” My aunt and uncle live near there, and I used to drive by that house every day on my way to work. It made me laugh to see you call it a “back road”. To me, that’s not even in the country anymore. It makes me think, though, about how we perceive things, largely depending on our familiarity with them. There was a time when I thought of that area as being far away, and I would have called it a back road, too. I guess it technically is. But having traveled it so many times, I practically consider it a thoroughfare.

    I was always curious about that house, too. Those kinds of fences are somewhat common “around these parts”, so that doesn’t make me bat an eye. But the statuary is rather intriguing. I just assumed the family is particularly interested in the civil war. Hmmm…I wonder if the dog bites?


  2. Now that I look back at the road, it was really busy with traffic for a back road.


  3. Yes, very busy – and people drive like maniacs through there, even at night. It’s a cut-through from way out west on Rt. 3 to that Spotsylvania Courthouse area. I hope you had time to drive around in Spotsylvania! Like I said, it’s kinda all back roads, but there is some very pretty country there. If you can keep the traffic off your bumper long enough to take a look around.


  4. I like your pictures, and I, too, like these old buildings. I recently moved from NYC to Fredericksburg. Where is the picture of that old house? Is it in Spotsylvania? Do you know what road it is? Just two days ago, I came across that old barn and plan on going back to take some pictures.



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