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Civil War and Virginia

Spotsylvania Cemetery

I have had the good fortune to drive through the State of Virginia many times during the past seventeen years. I have been impressed with the way they have preserved buildings, parks and battlefields of the Civil War. Having grown up in the east, I had many reminders of the Revolutionary War but the Civil War sites in Virginia make me aware of the tragic and painful deaths and injuries of our young Civil War soldiers. There are memorials to both the  Confederate and Union soldiers, unfortunately they are mostly associated with cemeteries.

The Salem Church

NJ Soldier, Salem Church Battle

These pictures were taken at the Salem Church. A Battle, where a New Jersey regiment fought and is honored.

Confederate Cemetery Fredericksburg VA

Six Confederate generals and more than 3,300 Southern soldiers lie buried here; 2,184 of them are unknown. A life-size zinc statue with granite base of a soldier on dress parade was dedicated in 1884 to the “Confederate Dead.”

Fredericksburg Cemetery

The Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery is the final resting place of over 600 Confederate soldiers who died in areas of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, The Wilderness and Spotsylvania.

In the center of the cemetery, a tall granite monument with a Confederate soldier stands watch over the fallen. The monument was dedicated on May 12, 1918.


One comment on “Civil War and Virginia

  1. I’ve lived in Fredericksburg and the surrounding area nearly all of my life. It’s really a shame how much I take my locality for granted. I’ve started a Hometown Tourist series on my blog, and the Civil War history of my town is something I’m planning on exploring. Your post makes me want to get out there and start right now!


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