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Back to the Barn – better photography?

Sometimes having the opportunity to get back to place you photographed before can be most helpful. When I first shot the pictures of this barn (previous post), I was interested in getting a picture that had good color, sharp focus and fairly good composition.

I guess as an amateur photographer, I am trying to train my eyes and brain to “see the picture” beforehand. My good friend Don Jennings always reminded me that having a good camera doesn’t make you a good photographer.

Before I shot some more pictures of the barn, I decided that I would like to see what I could capture using three approaches:

  • Include a foreground so the Barn has some connection with the environment
  • Create a “tight” sot that highlights just the barn and its texture
  • Focus in on part of the barn that may have some interest

I should mention that I constantly wrestle with how to  decide whether to make the picture tell the story or have the picture add to the story. Always difficult!

Including the foreground

The Barn

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