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NYC – 113 Jane Street and the Titanic?

NY Times Announces Sinking of  the Titanic

Historic Newspaper

When the Titanic infamously sank on April, 15 1912, many survivors of the tragedy found their way to New York.  Ironically, the luxurious Titanic had been designed to compete with the Lusitania and Mauretania operated by rival company Cunard Line.  When the R.M.S. titanic sank in the frigid waters of the Atlantic, the Cunard Line’s Carpathia rescued the survivors and returned many of them to the operator’s pier on the Hudson River across from 113 Jane

113 Jane Street 1912

More than 100 of the survivors gathered there one night for a memorial service at which “a mighty, roaring chorus” could be heard singing “Nearer, My God, to Thee” according to the New York Times.  Many of them were sailors, now destitute after losing their jobs aboard the Titanic, and New Yorkers left clothes and money for them at the building.


113 Jane Street 2008


This small reminder and history of the building is by the front entrance

Founded in 1828, The Seamen’s Friend Society was a Christian organization offering room and board to sailors in an attempt to get them away from New York’s “dives, dancehalls, saloons” and other establishments of ill repute.

Designed by William A. Boring (also responsible for Ellis Island), the building featured a number of nautical motifs, including a lighthouse-like turret (seen above in a 1927 photograph) which flashed a beacon over the Hudson. Sadly, this was removed when the YMCA purchased the building in 1944.

The original 156 rooms at the Seamen’s Friend Society were designed to mimic a ship’s cabin rooms in both size and design, a tradition that The Jane Hotel has continued today (which is why rates are relatively cheap!):

Our next stop is just around the corner at the wonderfully petite “Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish,” located at 7 State Street. In 1912, it was simply the Our Lady of the Rosary Mission, and many women from steerage class were given temporary lodging here.

 I wonder how many other small out-of-the[way places were part of the Titanic story?

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