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NYC – Rumsey Park



 I have often wandered over to Rumsey Park to watch free entertainment. I guess because of the crowds, or my inattention, I never noticed that it once was a playground. Also, I heard that it was once the site of a casino/ballroom. Today I looked a little more carefully at the entrance.

In 1935 this site was developed as the Mary Harriman Rumsey Playground for children. A statue of Mother Goose, designed by F.G.R. Roth, was erected near the playground entrance in 1938. It depicts Mother Goose and some of her nursery-rhyme characters, including Little Jack Horner, Humpty Dumpty, and Little Bo Peep.

Atop the pillars at the entrance sit two children, who appear to me, dressed in winter clothes (?)

Entrance gate


In 1986 it became Rumsey Playfield, a clay-surfaced sports area for school groups, and in 1990 the site of Summerstage, returning the site to the original musical intention of the designers of the park -Olmsted and Vaux The park is located just behind the bandshell on the Mall.

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