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NYC -Yorkville Florist Shop

Eric C Landgraf Florist

We have had a few days of temperatures well over 20 degrees from the norm.  I traveled down York Avenue to get a paper and passed a florist putting out flowers. I immediately felt like it was spring and started to take pictures of the very fragile and colorful flowers. If you have taken pictures of flowers they must stay fairly still for you to get them in focus. Alas, the wind picked up to such a degree that the flowers were practically falling of the display.

My first thought was what a bummer but then I went inside to tell the owner that his flowers were starting to fly away. Seeing my camera, he said, ” why don’t you take your pictures inside.” I started looking around the shop here are a few of the pictures…


One comment on “NYC -Yorkville Florist Shop

  1. Nice kind florist .
    I love those red flowers … they look like dancers with red velvet full skirts
    OOH gorgeous 🙂


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