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NYC – East 67th Street – Animals Galore

Millan House – 115 East 67th Street

I have been walking past this building on east 67th street at least once a month and just this weekend thought to look up, the facades of this building are full of fanciful decorative sculptures of rabbits, squirrels, owls, eagles, dogs and the like. The doorman told me that this building and the one opposite on east 68th were built by David Rockefeller in 1930. These identical building have a garden between them.

115 East 67th Street

In their great book, “The A. I. A. Guide to New York City, Fourth Edition, The Classic Guide to New York’s Architecture,” (Three Rivers Press, 2000), Norval White and Elliot Wilensky provide the following commentary about this superb building:

“Two 11-story gems complete with carved monsters, grotesques, and florid capital atop colonnettes, and wonderful multi-paned casements.”

The building’s façade is red-brick to compliment that of the 7th Regiment Armory that it faces across 67th Street. The 67th Street wing has 57 apartments. There is a magnificent garden between the two buildings but I was unable to get a picture,… maybe next time!

They look like birds under the lantern?

Window Details


scary isn't it?

Metal work

The doorman told me to look up over the entrance way to see two deer looking up at the sky. also, I think the birds may be pelicans (not too sure of my birds). I have no idea what the meaning of this piece is but it is interesting and only in NYC.

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