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NYC – Sylvan Terrace

The Wooden Houses of Sylvan Terrace

I don’t get up to the “northern” part of NYC that often so on Sunday, I traveled to west 160th street and St Nicholas Avenue. I wanted to see Sylvan Terrace and Jamel Terrace. In an earlier article I highlighted some wooden frame houses on East 92nd street. This blog will cover Sylvan Terrace and a look at 20 wooden frame houses on a cobblestone street.. ( Later, I will write about the  Jamel Terrace and Morris-Jamel Mansion .)

.St. Nicholas Avenue between 160th and 161st streets seems like just your run-of-the-mill Washington Heights street, but walk up a small stone staircase on the east side of the street, and you’re transported into a different time.

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1882, to be exact.

Different sized doors

Different sized doors

11 step Stooped Entrance

Sylvan Terrace is a historic cobblestone block that once served as the carriageway to the Morris-Jumel Mansion, Manhattan’s oldest house. Both sides of the street feature a total of 20 nearly    identical high-stoop wooden row houses facing one another. These yellow clapboard homes appear much as they would have in 1882, with wooden shutters, ship lap siding, bracketed eves and wooden stoops. In fact, the Landmarks Preservation Commission requires residents paint the exteriors with the nearly original colors — yellow, maroon, green and brown.

 January 2016 update here

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