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NYC -Lower Manhattan – back of Broadway

Lately, this area is getting a lot attention. Its location includes Wall Street. I thought it would be helpful to show what the area looks like beyond what you may be seeing on television. I begin this log describing what I saw on a specific day . 

Note: This area is often called “The back of Broadway.”

I decided to go to a famous camera store downtown and as I walked out of the store I noticed there were a lot of people going down Nassau Street. Curiosity, as well as having nothing to do, sent me off  down Nassau Street.

The first thing I noticed was that people were everywhere and moving fast. The streets are narrow and they twist and have many crooked turns – Could this be where the earlier settlers of Manhattan lived and worked? I was reminded of Boston and how many of the streets were just cow paths at one time. My interest began to pique as I became aware how the oldest buildings have survived alongside the newer and taller buildings


    Surprising was how space is used – almost every corner or intersection has some  kind  of park or place to just lounge about.

   On this day, a warm sunny one, many people were putting these areas to good use.  I enjoyed  walking around this area. It is very different than the other parts of Manhattan and seemed to be filled with energy. However, I am told that during the evening and on weekends, the place is almost empty. This may translate into “unsafe” but maybe “use caution” is better. At this writing, the papers are reporting that more and more people are buying and renting in this area – maybe night life will get more lively?

 If you are interested in lunch I would highly recommend finding a place on Stone Street and definitely, sit outside. This is probably the oldest preserved cobblestone street in Manhattan. Also, I would think that the fall would be a nice time to walk in this part of Manhattan


Tags that you would want for this area are: Wall Street, Trinity Church, Pearl Street, NY Stock exchange, Delmonico Restaurant, Stone Street, charging bull, Fraunces tavern, Maiden lane, South Street Seaport, Police Museum

Note: A few places of interest are nearby: the South Street Seaport, the Brooklyn Bridge, City Hall and the Memorial to 911. Also, if you have teenagers, Century 21 is in this area – most teens love to buy clothes. As usual, I leave the details to your use of Google and  exploring on your own. (However, in this area it is best to have a map.) Here is a brief slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 This link will give you more info – http://travel.nytimes.com/2011/08/21/travel/36-hours-in-downtown-manhattan.html

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