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Just Like A Kid Again

I found a web site where you can leave your worries behind and once again view the world with a sense of wonder.  This enjoyable site will remind you of the experiences, toys, games, treats or pretty much anything that will allow you to remember what it’s like to live Just Like A Kid Again. 


Here is a sample:

Life Is A Highway

I am not usually a fan of cars.  They’re stuffy, noisy, dangerous and finding parking in my city is more difficult than… than… well it’s pretty much impossible so it’s more difficult than anything else I can think of.  One big ball of stress if you ask me.  We here at JLAKA love to seek ways to roll back the clock and experience things in a way that you would have before life got complicated.  The solution to this problem is clearly go-cart racing!!  Wind in your hair – check, low consequence collisions – check, vehicles without horns – check, give the car back when you’re done beating your friends to the finish line – checkmate!  Zooming around the track makes you remember what it was like to see cars as the ultimate freedom machines.  Push down the gas pedal and go wherever the open road can take you.  Whether your hero is Mario Andretti, Jack Kerouac, or Jeff Gordon using a lawn mower engine to zoom around a track rather than take up your Saturday is a great way to set yourself free.  What a man in his mid thirties looks like in a go-cart…

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