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Vacation – Helen Georgia

Did you ever get one of the AAA or magazines where they describe places to visit?

Last year, one such place that got our interest was Helen Georgia. This little town is nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains – certainly too far away to visit from New York. As luck would have it, we were visiting in North Carolina, and the opportunity presented itself to visit. Even from the eastern shore it was some ride but a very relaxing and interesting one.


 The Town is a recreation of an alpine village complete  with cobblestone alleys and old world towers. Also, a very  prominent windmill is in the center of town. Let me say that  the entire place is fake but we had one of the best times on this vacation. They have trained bears, beer halls, shops and alpine food and everything – full of “stuff” to see.

The country side is full of places to explore. We stopped at several small road-side stands that had the most unusual handmade items. Anna Ruby Falls is located nearby and is part of the Chattahoochee National Forest.

It is not a place I would drive  to see for itself alone but it is certainly something to put onyour  list when you visit the northwestern part of Georgia.  (Some people drive up from Atlanta…not sure how far away it is?)

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