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NYC- Bryant Park

What was at 42nd ST and 6th Avenue before Bryant Park?

Question: When you stand in Bryant Park,

  1. a.      you stand in a Native American hunting ground in the pre-colonial era
  2. b.      a potter’s field in which unclaimed corpses were interred (1823-1840)
  3. c.      the “back yard” of the Croton Distributing Reservoir (1847-1890s)

Answer:  All the above

New York’s first midtown carousel in the modern era, Le Carrousel of Bryant Park opened March 21, 2003. It features 10 brilliantly painted ponies, a frog, a cat, a deer and a rabbit.


  •  Military drills were held in Reservoir Square, as the yard was called, during the Civil War
  • In 1884 Reservoir Square was renamed Bryant Park in honor of recently deceased poet, editor and civic reformer William Cullen Bryant. Some people think it was named after William Jenning
  • Bryant Park is full of statues of historic and literary personages, some old, some new; acre for acre, it has more than any other NYC park.
  • Part of the genius of the restoration – To the south is the distinctive black with gold trim American Radiator Building (now the Bryant Park Hotel). He park echoes this building using black and gold paint on the fleur-de-lis’ed fence that surrounds Bryant Park on three sides, and the motif even extends to the IND subway entrance on the 6th Avenue side.



Throughout the park city people as well as travelers find green metal tables and folding seats, and the north side of the park near West 42nd Street features a daily magazine rack. The seats and magazines remain in the park mainly by the honor system, though I suppose cops and park workers have eagle eyes for anyone trying to remove them.

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